Monday, February 7, 2011

AutoIt3 project: WinSendKeys updated to handle text from clipboard

Today I updated my AutoIt3 project WinSendKeys 3.0.1 2.6 (Thread at forum, download at the far end of the thread)

Version 2.6 adds 3 commandline parameters, -c, -cc and -cn to enable Clipboard text-contents to be sent to a specific Window.
This was triggered on by this forumthread.

Version 3.0 adds 2 more parameters, -x executable_filepath and -xp executable_parameters, to run the named executable (with optional parameters) if the WindowName is not found, or if a WindowName is not specified, it then tries to find that executable and activates it or runs it.
As requested by user kikon at the forum.

Version 3.0.1 adds 1 more parameter, -xd delay, to delay for some milliseconds after starting the file specified by -x parameter, so slow starting applications can be catered for.

The included readme file is a required read to optimally use these new options.