Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Excel2Html v2: Full rebuild in Java

As there are some issues running AutoIt3 scripts or compiled .exe's against the Excel object model, I completely rewrote this Excel to Html converter in Java 6.

It's still called Excel2Html v2 and the version number is now, as I had to do a few improvements.

Excel2Html v2 is 99% backward compatible with the v0.x release, except for the -et command-line parameter, that is no longer supported.

Download and information is available from my page.

Support questions, requests and remarks can be posted at this forum thread.

WinButtons and configuration editor WinButtonEdit 0.9.3

It's been a while since I updated this blog, but I've not been sitting quietly.

WinButtons made it to version


WinButtonEdit was updated to version
(and is included with the WinButtons download)

Most notable changes:
- The default file extension was changed from .ini to .wbuc
- Displaying Icons from .exe, .dll and .icl resource containers
- Resizing of .bmp Images on buttons
- Drag&Drop support to send files to a configured executable

- Drag&Drop support for configuration files (*.wbuc/*.ini)
- Selection of Icons from .exe, .dll and .icl resource containers
- Resizing of .bmp Images on buttons
- Set file associations for .wbuc to open with WinButtons or edit/open with WinButtonEdit

All details are as usual in the readme, included with the download.