Sunday, September 25, 2011

WinButtons 3.5.0 supports png images

Well, beside that WinButtons 3.5.0 now supports PNG image display (with control of size and opacity) it also comes with what I've called Borderless Buttons, a button that doesn't have the normal border that buttons have, but also lacks the 3D support most of us are used to. To still get the notion of a button pressed, the FlipKeycolor feature, that reverts the button color and text color for at least 250 msec, as introduced in version 3.4.0 could be used. This requires either the global/group colors or the specific button colors to be set, but that will probably be done to get a nice UI anyway.

The new Borderless Button als supports the combination of an image and a caption on the button, and the caption can be arranged to display at the bottom (default), top, left or right side of the image. When placed at the left or right, they have to share the available space, so each gets 50% of the width by default. By specifying a different size for the image, the remaining space is assigned to the caption's width.
The combination of all these features makes it possible to create a UI that closely resembles the new Metro design style, as used by Microsoft on Windows Phone 7, and in the Windows 8 demo's.
A small example file called Metro.wbuc is included with the download, and also comes with the update feature (WinButtonEdit, File/Check for updates), available when you have version 3.4.0 installed, and mouser's DCUpdater also on your system.

Ofcourse, WinButtonEdit was also updated (to v1.0.4.2) to support the new features and preview of WinButtons.

Download can be fetched from the WinButtons page on my DCMembers site

Saturday, September 3, 2011

WinButtons 3.4.0 and WinButtonEdit 1.0.1 released

Another update for WinButtons and WinButtonEdit

A new feature is added, called CursorRestore, to restore the position of the cursor, if WinButtons is placed on a (external) touch-screen. It's off by default, but can easily be enabled by either using WinButtonEdit, or adding cursorrestore=1 in the [Settings] section of the .ini/.wbuc file.

Download the zipfile from my DCMembers page and comment or do feature-requests in this DonationCoder forum thread