Tuesday, March 15, 2011

AutoIt3 project WinButtons, Big update for big onscreen buttons

After only a week of live time for version 1.0.0, I released the next version of WinButtons, v2.0.0 last Friday, 11-03.
Again it was uploaded to the forum where it all originated, DonationCoder.com, the fine place to be for all 'software connoisseurs', as (one of) the site's subtitles states.

The reason for this rather quick increase in the version number, is that there's a major new feature added:
Context sensitivity: The displayed set of buttons can be made dependent on the current foreground (focused) application.
This is accomplished by defining a button group, naming one (or more) executable name of the application that should get this special set of buttons. The buttons set is defined in the same configuration file, and loaded as soon as the application gets the user's attention. Even the position of the WinButtons window can be defined for that set of buttons.

Configuration is still a bit awkward, as this involves manual editing of an ini file, but I'm working on a GUI just for setting up the buttons more easily. This is a work in progress, though.

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