Sunday, April 10, 2011

AutoIt3 project WinButtons, Another update: it now has variables

After fiddling around with WinButtons for a while, I found a project it could be actively used for a temporary solution. It involves a set of buttons that copy files from one set of folders to another set of folders. And all this in several flavors.
As the base source and destination directories of all these folders will be the same, but the number of buttons is unknown, I would like to use some sort of constants or variables to be reused for each button. Hence the new feature 'Variables'.
This is available from version 2.5. (but never officially released).
During development of the Variables feature, I also dearly missed easy 'configuration' of these variables, so I also introduced parameters to variables. After some testing and debugging, this has become WinButtons 2.6.0 (links to the original release-thread on the forum)

All documentation and download is available from the WinButtons page on my DcMembers site

Another few extensions where made, by giving options to display a message, or ask for confirmation before a command is started, using the -ask, -asc and -msg options on a button's command<n> parameter.

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